Ladies and gentleman, we have somehow found a new low on 6th street.

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Well it's a new week and that means another viral clip from Austin's 6th Street. <Click that link if you want some more. However, the majority of our stories on 6th Street are from fights breaking out. It's a drinking area and some folks tend to take it a little too far when the night goes long.

Today though, no fights. What we have is WAY worse than a fight. It's a woman playing in horse poop in the middle of the road. Obviously this poop probably comes from the Mounted Patrol of the Austin Police Department. I looked it up and they do have a mounted patrol that patrols this area at night.

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Well a nice steaming dump felt like playtime for this young lady. This lady HAS to be on some kind of drugs. No way that alcohol is the only factor in thinking this is a good idea. The woman must be hallucinating that this poop is something else because she is all up in it.

She literally smears it into her own eyes. Whatever this lady was on, I can only imagine she woke up today wondering why they hell she smells like s***. I know we say this once a week that Austin is weird, but folks. Good luck topping this one.

Watch Girl Play in Horse Poop on Austin's 6th Street

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