OK this is a couple years from being a finished product, but still let me freak out a little bit on this one.

The 'Star Wars' universe has so many cool gadgets we all want. Light sabers, personal robots and of course those fast speeder bikes. Come on, what person wouldn't want to travel around town using a speeder bike? According to Back to the Future 2, we will be getting hoverboards this year. Speeder bikes would be cool to.

This is a hovering tricopter called the 'Flike'. It is said to have fifteen minutes of flying time on it's battery life. This video is of one of Flike's first test flights. It does not have the speed to outrun Storm Troopers yet, hell it probably can't outrun a stupid Ewok yet either. All I know is, it looks cool as hell and I want one.

Check Out the Flike Test Flight Below:

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