Doc Brown and Marty McFly were right, this is gonna be an epic day for us all.

If you have watched 'Back to the Future Part 2' you wanted a hoverboard. If you didn't their is something obviously wrong with you. It would be the greatest toy ever, unfortunately according to 'Back to the Future' we would not be getting them til at least 2015. In case you don't remember its October 21, 2015 the day they go into the future. Which holy s*** is in exactly one year. Sorry just looked at my phone and realized that.

The amazing people at Hendo have designed an actual hoverboard. I am hoping this is an actual thing I will be able to ride exactly next year, for obvious reasons. Now if only I could also get my one second hydrated pizzas next that would be great.

Check Out the Hoverboard KickStarter Below:

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