When it comes to rare cars, this is definitely up there.

We All Know About the Original DeLorean

The DeLorean was one of the most talked about cars of the 1980's. Especially after 'Back to the Future' came out. The car famously became the time machine for the franchise, but do you know about the American Express DeLorean?

One of the Rarest Cars in the World, the Gold DeLorean

Back in 1980, American Express had a Christmas Catalog and they sold an ultra rare car in it to Gold Card members only. For only $85,000 (Which would be over $300,000 today) you could own 1 of 100 gold DeLoreans. The promotion for American Express, was a failure, they sold TWO of them. One of them was sold to Roger Mize who was the President of Snyder National Bank in Snyder, Texas. He decided to show it off in the bank's lobby for years. You can check out some photos of it in the bank above.

Where is the Gold DeLorean Now?

Sadly, the famous car is no longer in Texas. Roger Mize passed away in 1987 and allegedly in his will it stated that the car can never be driven. In 2003, the car moved from Snyder, Texas to the Peterson Automotive Museum in California. The car only has nine miles on the odometer. You can get a good look at it below.

I don't know what the rarest car in the world is, but considering only two of these were sold. This has to be up there for sure. Crazy it was just sitting in the middle of bank lobby in Snyder, Texas for years.

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