Video games are a huge part of my life and it's nice to see some getting the credit for influencing society that they deserve.

I have at least heard of every single one of these games. The only one I have not played is 'World of Warcraft'. I was never bigger into role playing games and also always had a crappy computer growing up. However, I am aware on how huge that game was when it first started. The other ones, honestly you would have to be living under a rock to not at least know these titles.

I think we all have fond memories playing some of these games. Whether it was a simple game of 'Pong'. We have all probably had the 'Tetris' dry eyes. Where you start to cry from not blinking, so you don't miss a pattern. Honestly, if 'Super Mario Bros.' didn't make the list, I would have been offended. I am pretty sure Mario has become the face of video games, not just Nintendo.

My biggest complaint with a Hall of Fame for anything, is not having a physical building to display those that won. For instance, the WWE Hall of Fame does not have a building. They just make their announcements every year and that's pretty much it. However, they do plan on having an actual hall in the future.

The Video Game Hall of Fame is located at the National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. This building is also home to the Toy Hall of Fame as well. Some games I expect to see in the hall in the future, 'Sonic the Hedgehog', 'Mortal Kombat', 'Goldeneye', 'Grand Theft Auto 3' and 'Halo'. Just to name a few suggestions.

Check Out the Entire Video Game Hall of Fame First Class Below:

Photo Courtesy of Atari
Photo Courtesy of Namco
Photo Courtesy of Nintendo
Photo Courtesy of Nintendo
Photo Courtesy of id Software
Photo Courtesy of Blizzard