Want to do something cool this weekend? Then head on over to downtown Wichita Falls.

As a kid, something called The Day of the Dead terrified the crap out of me. Sound like zombies are getting ready to come get me. As I got older, I learned it's actually a pretty awesome celebration in Mexican culture. Where you pay respects to family and friends who have passed away. It's not a mourning, more like a party where you remember the good times with the folks you have lost.

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It's typically celebrated after Halloween, but this Saturday (October 29th) in Wichita Falls 'A Celebration of Life' festival will be happening downtown on Travis Street. You will be able to enjoy some traditional Mexican foods, mariachi and Aztec dancers will be blessing and serenading the Altars of their loved ones at the event.


It sounds like a cool time if you need something to do this Saturday. It will be happening from 5PM to 10PM. You can get more info and tickets on their Facebook page. Love to see events like this going on throughout downtown Wichita Falls. I know we also have a bunch of trunk or treats going down this weekend as well. You can check out the full list of those events here.


Whether it be a Day of the Dead celebration or a Halloween event, we have a lot going on throughout Wichita Falls. Also friendly reminder that I made a list of rules you should follow on October 31st, I will post those below for you to enjoy.

The Official Halloween Rules for Wichita Falls

I have taken it upon myself to make a list of rules that EVERYONE should follow on Halloween night. They're broken down for rules for kids and adults. Yes, you must follow every single one for Jack Skellington will come get you on Halloween night.

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