That's a bold statement. I think when the news crew is showing up at your house to talk about it, you got bragging rights for life.

Everyone wants to go to an awesome party. Probably the craziest party I went to in Wichita Falls was when this new apartment complex opened up in town. I am not going to name it, mainly because I don't know if they want to be know as the party apartment complex. I remember the first few weeks it was opened everyone just had their doors open and people would just go walk in to party at different peoples places.

I remember people burning lawn furniture in a fire pit and people just throwing anything they could find into it. This place didn't even have grass when it first opened and I remember it rained, (shocking we actually got some) so all the dirt was now mud. I remember finding several people I knew passed out in the mud. No joking we actually pulled one of our "friends" face first out of the mud. I think he would have been the first person to drown in mud.

This party in Michigan was ruined by the same thing that ruined this apartment complex. Underage drinking. From what I was told in town, some high school kids got pulled over drinking and driving. The cops asked them where they were drinking, they gave the name of the place and the parties were never the same again.

This guys party had it all, 2000 people, six drug overdoses, two DJ's, fire thrower, go-go dancers, strippers and even a kid still passed out when the news crew arrived. Hats off to you man and it looks like you may have some fines coming your way. Good luck, maybe you should throw a party and charge five dollars at the door.

Check Out the Aftermath of the Largest Party in Michigan Below: