I’m going to have a hard time deciding between “flattening the curve” and breaking my kids’ hearts.

I ain’t kidding, either. My 12-year-old son, who turns 13 next month, could probably do without everyone singing “Happy Birthday” to him. However, my 10-year-old daughter won’t be hearing any of that slow the spread business.

According to The Science Times, experts warn that singing “Happy Birthday” could spread COVID-19:

Aerosol scientists from Lund University in Sweden had studied singers singing different songs and the number of particles they emit when they sing. They ask the 12 healthy singers and two people with COVID-19 to sing into a funnel to understand the number of virus particles emitted when singing. The results show that singing loud and consonant-rich songs, such as the Happy Birthday song, spread a lot of droplets that could mix in the air.

It gets even more complicated though when you think about it. If singing “Happy Birthday” spreads the virus, what do you think blowing out candles does? I mean, we’re talking about people forcefully blowing a whole lotta air out in a small space, which has to spread a bunch of droplets.

However, this dude here has a solution for that:

But, as far as singing “Happy Birthday” goes, we may just have to bite the bullet and resort to lip-syncing? Or, you can always hire a celebrity to do it for you.

Regardless, the suck that is the coronavirus pandemic just keeps on suckin’.

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