Free drinks and having hundreds of thousands of dollars in winnings sounds like the greatest day of my life. To this guy it sounds like his worst nightmare.

Mark Johnston is suing the Downtown Grand for loaning him money and serving him drinks when he was visibly intoxicated. Nevada law bars casinos from allowing obviously drunk patrons to gamble and from serving them comped drinks. Johnston says he was thoroughly drunk during the hours he spent playing pai gow and blackjack at the Grand. His legal team plans to rely on eyewitness testimony and surveillance video to prove that he was visibly intoxicated.

You know what, I think this guy may actually have a case. I am not a lawyer, but I am siding with the drunk guy. Remember kids if you are up half a million dollars,  I think you can call that a successful night. Also don't get blackout wasted and gamble because this could happen to you.


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