I have to say, one of these guys 100% deserves to be banned. The other two...things just didn't work out.

So I am a massive Dallas Mavericks fan and whoever owns Shenaniganz in Rockwall is as well. Just like me, they like to hold a grudge. They have banned three former Dallas Mavericks from their restaurant. DeAndre Jordan, Rajon Rondo, and Lamar Odom. Each having their own history with the team.

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First up DeAndre Jordan. You may remember back in 2015, he verbally committed to the Dallas Mavericks. I actually was excited because the Mavs really needed a dominant center. Then he went and signed an extension with the Clippers anyway.This left Mavericks fans a little salty. DeAndre would later come to the Mavericks in 2018, but would be traded later in the year with the Kristaps Porziņģis deal. I don't hate DeAndre, but I don't have fond memories of him as a Maverick.

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Next up Lamar Odom. Lamar at the time was dating Khloe Kardashian and we got to see his reaction to being traded to Dallas Mavericks on reality TV. He hated the city and talked about it pretty regularly on the show. Mind you, this was the year after the Mavericks won the championship. He was acting like he was traded to the worst team in the league. I get Dallas isn't Los Angeles, but come on. Odom just didn't fit with the Mavericks and some argued he tanked to get away from the team. He would return to Los Angeles after the Mavericks, signing this time with the Clippers. Don't hate him, but not fond memories as a Maverick.

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Finally, we have Rajon Rondo, who I HATED as a Maverick. Maybe the player I have actually hated the most in Mavericks history on my own team. I knew he wouldn't fit here and he definitely didn't from the second he got here. Maybe had two worthwhile games in his whole time with the franchise. Should have never been signed. 100% should be banned from this restaurant and all restaurants in the Dallas area.

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"They could crawl here on hands and knees from whatever city they're living in and beg, and we still wouldn't let them inside," owner Parker Coddington said. The only way the ban is lifted is if any of them make a massive donation to the Boys and Girls Club. I don't think any of them are planning on going anytime soon, but it did give me a good laugh.

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