A band with a message is a band with a passion.  Music means so much more when it's driven by a purpose. For Shame realized that a long time ago and has been fueling their music machine with their views,  leaving a great impression on those who pay attention.  They even go as far as to bring their message into their live performance as they did with an Xbox 360 and a bat.  That was when lead vocalist Bryan realized that he wouldn't be able to make any difference in the state of the world by sitting on his arse and playing Xbox.  You can hear more as you listen to part two of their Homebrew interview with the link right below.

The band packs a head-rattling punch with their music, guaranteeing that it will 'blow your eardrums", and their last showcased song 'Denial' is proof of this.  So click play and CRANK IT!

Don't forget, this completely original band is dropping their CD September 16th but you can still pick up the mp3 format from their website.