For Shame rocked out the Buzz airwaves this past Sunday on Homebrew and left quite an impression.  This band serves out metal in a solid plate of passion for music.  Just like Sonic Cell, this Florida-based band delivers original songs only and for good reason:  they have plenty to say on their own.   Bottom line, the band sounds goooood!

 For Shame is made up of Bryan K. – Vocals, Teddy S. – Guitars, Jason A. – Bass and Mike B. – Drums with a rumored invisible 5th member that is known to wreak havoc every now and then.  The band graced our Buzz airwaves last Sunday and gave us insight into what pushes a band to crank out awesome hard rock/metal music while bashing an Xbox 360 in the middle of a gay bar with a baseball bat.  Yup, you read that right, there was no typo there.   Even better, listen and figure out which one of these metalheads got busted by their mom in his room while lipsyncing to Megadeth and sportin nothing but his tighy-whiteys!  Hahaha!  I’ve added the first part of their interview as well as their first single for your listening pleasure.

That gives me and idea!  If any of you are crazy enough to pull a “For Shame” and send/submit to me, or attach in a comment, a video of yourselves lipsyncing to your favorite metal or rock song, I will feature you in a special ‘Homebrew Hero’ post during my Homebrew Show.  If you're doing us a favor (visually or legally) by wearing more than your skivvies or victoria secrets, no worries, we appreciate it, just submit your lipsync video anyways in whatever outfit you got.  And I'll also at least throw in a Buzz t-shirt and sticker too!

Off their new album, which you can get from their website, here’s ‘Brand New Low.’

Speaking of Homebrew, It’s about time to give a recap of the past several bands in a 30 minute Hombrew Buzz!  So get ready for a TON of Homebrew this Sunday at 6:15pm!