Someone uploaded an old recap from when the Wichita Falls Coyotes were one of the best teams in all of Texas.

Time to Go Back to 1950 When the Wichita Falls Coyotes Were Dominating


No need to get a Delorean to go back to the 1950's. YouTube user Raptor's Videos uploaded an old acetate recording that a family was making right here in Wichita Falls to send to someone else. What's funny, they give their address and everything so we know exactly where this took place.

2408 Kemp Boulevard Wichita Falls, Texas

Google Maps
Google Maps

The person on the recording says that they're at 2408 Kemp Boulevard which means back in 1950, they would have had an apartment complex right here. Currently in 2023 Binswanger Glass takes the 2410 address. Honestly, the recording isn't that amazing in detail, but this family is just having some fun with some cool technology at the time.

Listen to the Old Recording Below

Little did this family know they would be witnessing the birth of a back to back state championship team. The 1949 Wichita Falls Coyotes are considered one of the greatest high school football teams in Texas history. Going undefeated on their way to a state championship. However, the 1950 season was not as smooth. In fact the Coyotes lost their first game 18-0.

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They would finish the regular season 9-4, but it didn't matter. They still won the state championship that year. This recording is from September 15, 1950 when the Coyotes beat the Dennison Yellow Jackets 39-2 which sounds like it would be one of the biggest blowouts of the year. The Coyotes actually beat the Quannah Indians in 1950 by a score of 71-21. If you have anymore random Wichita Falls history like this, send it my way.

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