Five Finger Death Punch mascot Knucklehead joins Iron Maiden's fictional figurehead Eddie in Maiden's Legacy of the Beast free-to-play mobile game starting this week.

The mobile match-up follows Maiden's previous in-game team-ups with rock and metal iconography from bands such as Ghost, Disturbed, Powerwolf and Arch Enemy.

Inside Legacy of the Beast, Knucklehead will find itself up against Magma Beast Eddie, a version of the Maiden mascot introduced within Legacy in 2019. (The game itself emerged three years earlier.)  The two mascots' Legacy collaboration culminates in a dungeon event called "Afterlife," taking its title from Five Finger Death Punch's upcoming studio album.

The in-game event last for a week and "will take fans and players on a journey with Magma Beast Eddie and Knucklehead, a fierce warrior and a brutally efficient combatant who also guards the gate to Purgatory," a press release on Tuesday (July 12) explained.

"As civil war wages in Hell," it continues, "demons and devil-kin pour out to take advantage of the chaos. The gate to Purgatory, the most exposed entrance to Hell, is overrun. Even a powerful warrior such as Knucklehead has his limits, and as the demons escape through the game, a mysterious new individual makes his presence known, offering assistance — but at what cost?"

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory commented, "It's an unexpected and impossible dream for me and my band that my childhood heroes, in this moment in life, are [letting us] into the beautiful landscape of the game."

He added, "Iron Maiden was the band that got me into heavy metal and slung me onto the path of my musical journey, creat[ing] a metal community when we were growing up. It was a brotherhood, and with this game, they're doing it again because they're bringing together all of these bands, and their mascots, and it has this feeling of community."

Download Legacy of the Beast from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Meet Knucklehead on Tuesday at 8PM ET/5PM PT inside the game during the "Afterlife Dungeon" event. Learn more at See FFDP tour dates here.

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