I have seen these at several gas stations around Wichita Falls and turns out if you bought one. You may have gotten ripped off.

I know for a fact all of the Stripes locations in Wichita Falls currently have a display set up for these things. It's like a bucket of Fireball you can buy, but the bucket is filled up with mini shots. I didn't think any thing of it the past few weeks, but wait a minute. How in the hell is a gas station in Texas selling liquor. Texas has some of the hardest liquor laws in the country.


You want some Fireball, you go to a liquor store and that's your only option. Right? Well turns out if you bought any of these mini bottles at a gas station, you got scammed. At least, I would feel as if I am getting scammed. You're thinking you bought a mini shot of Fireball whiskey right? Turns out those mini bottles at gas stations don't have any whiskey in them.

If you read the fine print it is described as “malt beverage with whisky flavor.” Oh yeah, that's what I want when drinking whiskey. The flavor of it and not the high alcohol content. If this was labeled as a generic cinnamon name, I wouldn't have a problem with it. People think they're buying Fireball though and are now suing the company.

The lawsuit accuses the company of intentionally misleading customers into believing they are buying small bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. According to court documents, the plaintiff expects any statutory and punitive damages to exceed $5 million.

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I know some lawsuits are stupid, like when people sued Red Bull for saying 'it gives you wings', when it doesn't physically give you wings. Marketing something in a mini liquor bottle and calling it Fireball Cinnamon feels very scammy if it's not Fireball Whiskey in the bottle. Hopefully the folks that filed the lawsuit win the case.

If the mini bottle just says cinnamon and not cinnamon whiskey, do not buy. Unless you want a “malt beverage with whisky flavor.”

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