You hear about people impersonating police officers all the time, this guy picked the wrong car to pull over.

In Tomball, Texas, just outside of Houston, a very weird traffic stop happened. Rebecca Carlise was getting pulled over and she had no idea why. "My initial instinct was oh my God! What am I doing to get pulled over?" said Carlisle.

Rebecca Carlise is a sergeant for the Tomball Police Department, who was in her full uniform, quickly knew something was wrong. "Well I'm not speeding. I'm in the city I work in, and I don't recognize the vehicle."

Tomball police say when 21-year-old Bennjair Pina-Torres pulled his white truck alongside, something spooked him and he sped off. Carlisle followed and called for backup. She said the suspect was speeding at times, faster than 100 mph, running red lights and running people off the road.

The suspect was eventually caught and arrested for impersonating a police officer. Carlise said if you're worried about this happening to you, call 911 immediately. In the worst case scenario, and you know the area you are driving in: "Pull into a fire station, a local EMS facility, your local police facility," said Carlisle.

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