UPDATE: Precinct 4 has issued an official statement on the situation, siding with the officer.

As reported by ABC13, officials from Precinct 4 issued a statement in response to the viral video of a deputy attempting to apprehend Clarence Evans, mistaking him for a wanted man,

The deputy was there on official business based on a report that a wanted fugitive was near the location. The deputies left when they determined that this man was not the suspect they were seeking.

Joe Gamaldi, president of Houston Police Officers’ Union, also is siding with the officer, identified as Deputy Garrett Lindley, saying,

That is not profiling. That’s an officer doing his job.

If this officer just rolled up without a call for service, without a civilian saying this is the guy with the warrant, I would feel very differently about this case.

Evans told KHOU that he felt terrified by the situation and doubted that a single deputy would be tasked with serving a warrant.

Evans has hired an attorney, saying they will continue to gather details on the incident before filing an official complaint or lawsuit.


A video posted to Facebook this past week shows a Texas officer attempting to arrest a man, possibly identifying the man entirely on his race and hair.

Clarence Evans posted a video to Facebook Wednesday night, showing an incident he had with a local officer earlier in the day. According to Evans' account, he was in his front yard watching his children when a constable from the 4th precinct in Harris County pulled up and said they had a report that Evans' dog was stolen. The officer then told Evans he had a felony warrant for his arrest issued in Louisiana, which Evans denied. By the time another constable arrived to assist, the original officer had called Evans by several different names (Evans did not have to show his ID as Texas state law does not require a citizen to identify himself/herself unless they are driving or have officially been arrested). When shown the warrant and the picture of the suspect, Evans was enraged to see a picture of a 50-year-old man with dreadlocks, meaning the officer identified him simply by his skin color and hair. Evans posted,

I’m so pissed right now it’s not even f***ing funny, I’ve always been the one to say all cops aren’t bad but this racist mf just proved me wrong. I’m outside with my son and daughter watching them play when this racist ass constable from precinct 4 pulls up in front of my house and tells me someone called in about my dog being stolen. I tell him that’s impossible cuz I have his paperwork plus I have a chip in him. He then asked for Id and I politely tell him no he then says to me “put your hands behind your back Reg” I have never in my life went by that name then he tells I have a felony warrant out in Louisiana and calls me Quitin. Then once his partner pulls up he shows me a picture of a black man in his 50’s with dreds. So clearly this mf just saw a black man with dreds and think we all look alike. Now I see how unarmed innocent black men get shot down by cops, it’s no way I was letting him get my hands behind my back because he was to nervous and shaking so I knew he was scared next thing you know he goes for his weapon and shoots me in my back and say he feared for his life, He was gone have to shot this black man while looking me in my face.

Video contains language some readers might find offensive:

As of Sunday morning, no major news sites have reported the story, with only Evans' post and some independent political and watchdog sites publishing it and identifying the officer. Due to this, we have refrained from including the name of the officer involved until it can be confirmed.

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