The zombie apocalypse has arrived in Wichita Falls! It all started when a herd of the undead took over the Point Blank CHL firing range on Halloween.

With help from our friends at Point Blank CHL, we recruited an elite group of shooters to eliminate the zombie threat in our area, while competing to win a brand new Smith & Wesson AR-15 rifle at the same time.

Heavy rain the day before left extremely muddy conditions for our shooters, but that didn't stop them from taking care of business. With only three rounds in the chamber, 20 men and 20 women battled it out with their pistols to see who had the most accurate zombie headshots. When the dust settled, only two shooters from each group remained unscathed and moved on to the final shoot.

The final shooters competed in a multi-stage shootout that consisted of first, taking out 15 zombies with a pistol (headshots only, duh!), after all 15 zombies were down, the shooter could run to the next station. Station two required shooters to blast three floating zombie heads with a shotgun before moving on to the final stage of the competition. Using an AR-15, shooters extinguished a zombie stuck in the mud in the distance before exploding the head of a zombie stuck in a hay bale. Hooray for Tannerite!

Watch the video above to see it all go down and find out who emerged victorious and walked away with a brand new AR-15 rifle!

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