More and more Texans are allowed easier access to firearms and it has led to some people not being responsible gun owners.

Back when the permitless firearm bill was being talked about in Texas, one of the big groups arguing against it was police departments. They said this could increase crime rates while putting officers and residents in danger. The new law which went into effect on September 1st. Allows anyone 21 years or older to carry a handgun in public without need for a permit or training as long as they aren’t otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm by law, such as people with felony or domestic violence convictions.

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Looks like in Bexar County, their local sheriff is blaming this new law as to the reason his officers have been shot at in the past few days. In a four day span since the new law has been passed, three of his officers have been shot at. The good news is that no officers were killed in these incidents. The bad news is that the guns used in these instances were stolen.

Many of these stolen guns were taken out of people's vehicles. Friendly reminder, storing your gun in your vehicle overnight is not the thing to do. Bexar County Sheriff Salazar said with the new lax gun law, there are more legal guns on the street, which he says isn’t the issue, but making sure gun owners secure their weapons better is.

Hopefully if you're someone who is new to owning a firearm the past few weeks, you're being responsible with how you're storing it at the end of the night. I know every few weeks when we record our Crimestoppers Crime of the Week, a stolen firearm story comes up in our city. We're just two weeks into this new law and it looks like some folks are not being responsible.

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