Two Oklahoma Sheriffs are big supporters of the second amendment and one of them is not too far away from us.

Two counties in Oklahoma have taken a big stance when it comes to new gun laws infringing on your second amendment rights. That would be Logan County, just North of Oklahoma City and Stephens County, just east of Lawton. The local sheriffs have declared those counties sanctuary counties.

A Second Amendment Sanctuary promises to enforce a citizens right to bear arms rather than any future laws thought to infringe on it. Some folks are worried about new proposed 'red laws' that could go into effect. The laws are in effect in a few states and a court can take away your guns before you even do anything.

They say the laws are in effect to protect the gun owners who may have expressed hurting themselves or others. Some are worried that anyone could say something about you and then you can have your guns taken away from you. These two counties say if the proposed red laws were to go into effect, those citizens would not have to worry.

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