Zombie Blast
Quick and the Undead Zombie Blast

The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived in Wichita Falls! The undead have taken over at Point Blank CHL and we need your help to take them out!

This year, we are recruiting an elite group of 20 male shooters and 20 female shooters to compete in the Quick and the Undead Zombie Blast to eliminate the zombie threat at the Point Blank CHL firing range for a chance to win one of TWO brand new Smith & Wesson AR15 sport rifles! (One winner from each group).

Smith & Wesson AR15
Prizes: Two Smith & Wesson AR15 Rifles.

Three Ways to Win:

1. Win On-Air:

To qualify and win a spot in the Zombie Blast competition, all you have to do is listen up every weekday (Oct 12-30) for the Zombie cue-to-call and be caller number 6 and you're in. We will recruit 15 shooters via the on-air cue to call - one winner each weekday.

Here's the zombie cue-to-call to listen for:

2. Win Online:

You also have the opportunity to win a spot in the Zombie Blast by entering the contest right here on our website. We will recruit 5 shooters from this entry method.

3. Win With Point Blank CHL:

Point Blank CHL will recruit 10 shooters who enter on their website and 10 shooters who enter on their Facebook page.

How the Zombie Blast Competition Will Work:

The 40 Zombie Blast finalists will meet at Point Blank CHL (900 Van Buren St.) on Saturday, October 31 at 9:00 AM for a contest rules and safety briefing, then we will caravan to the Point Blank CHL firing range to begin the Zombie Blast competition.

The Zombie Blast competition will be separated into two groups this year - the 20 men will compete against each other and the 20 women will compete against each other. There will be one winner from the men's group and one winner from the women's group.

Each group of 20 shooters will be narrowed down to four shooters via zombie target shooting with a handgun - closest grouping wins (head shots only!). The final four shooters will then battle it out on the dueling tree to get to our final two. The final two shooters will compete in a multi-stage shootout utilizing a handgun, shotgun and a AR15. First one to complete the course wins.

Weapons and ammo for the competition will be provided by Point Blank CHL. Contestants may NOT use their own weapon in the competition.

Must be 21 or older to win.
Click here for official contest rules.

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