Nice to see that even on a major tour, Buc-ee's is a must stop.

Last night, I saw a bunch of people from Wichita Falls were tagging themselves at the Korn and Alice in Chains show in Dallas last night. Looks like that tour is on its way to Alabama for a show tomorrow night. On the way, looks like buses made a pit stop in Terrell, Texas.

We know this because one of the Buc-ee's employees snapped a photo with Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch. All they need to do is get some Whataburger at some point and they have everything you need for a trip across Texas. Speaking of this Korn and Alice in Chains tour, we have a new contest that literally started today. Sign up for our Labor Day Flyaway for that very tour. It will be the stop in San Diego and everything is on us.