Yes, that's right I said energy balls and they taste good!  We just added a CocoNutz Fuel energy balls
Starter Pack  to our Buzzhead Trade-In section to give you a chance to try out a healthy snack for pre-workout, post-workout or whenever.  We're trading the Cherry Cashew Attack right now, but they have two other flavors we will be putting out there soon:  Berry Almond Explosion and Mango Macadamia Madness.  These tasty balls aren't sold in stores in Texoma yet, only online, so get over to the trade in section quick to grab'em before someone else does!

CocoNutz Fuel is a raw, all-natural energy ball that is delicious, easy to consume, and will fuel you through your exercise. Gluten-free and non-GMO, these bite sizes balls infused with coconut oil will give you the energy boost you need to fuel you to the finish line or simply get you through the rest of the afternoon. Since there are no added sugars you don't have to worry about a sugar crash and we've learned from personal experience that kids love them! Bars are SO last year.