Wichita Falls is finally getting a drive in movie theater...well sort of.

It's crazy to think at one point, Wichita Falls had six drive in movie theaters. Sadly, we have none and have to drive around an hour to go check out one. By the way, you should do that if you ever have sometime and read my review on both of the drive ins near us. I wish someone would open up one in our city again. Well, my prayers have been answered!

Crashworks and the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market will be doing a drive in movie this Saturday. I know what you're thinking, not a lot of cars can fit into the Farmer's Market. That is because you will be designing your drive-in car. If you haven't been to Crashworks downtown it's an awesome place for kids to go design all sorts of things.

So this Saturday, kids get to design a cardboard box into their own drive-in car. They will be able to sit and enjoy the Christmas classic, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. $25 gets you two car kits, a large pizza from Stone Oven and four hot chocolates. So two adults and two kids can have an awesome night in downtown Wichita Falls.

If you have more kids, additional car kits can be purchased and also additional pizza as well. Let's be honest, you don't just want one Stone Oven pizza. It sounds like a great event and an awesome unique way to watch a Christmas classic this year. I still would like a regular drive in here in Wichita Falls. Please someone make it happen!

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