The Mavs won a game on Friday night, but everyone is talking about what happened after the game.

I love my Dallas Mavericks. Hopefully by now you know I love my Mavericks. I let you guys pick out my Mavs tattoo and you all picked out a pony. Thanks by the way for that. Hoping that the pony brings them luck to win a championship this year.

Well the Mavericks are having a good season this year. Some new faces in the locker room and one of them is Chandler Parsons. He was doing a post game interview with Jeff 'Skin' Wade after the Nuggets game. When future hall of famer Dirk Nowitzki comes by and slaps the mic out of Jeff's hand. Dirk is hands down my favorite player on the team and I hope the Mavs can get one more championship before he retires.

Check Out Dirk's Mic Swap Below:

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