If you were watching the Cowboys game yesterday, you probably saw this trailer. If you were not closely paying attention, you might have missed this.

So I'll be honest with you guys, when I'm watching the Cowboys game, I'm drinking. Usually a lot. One, because the Cowboy drive me to drink sometimes and two it's my one day off for the week. So during commercial breaks I'm not really paying attention. I talk to my girlfriend or look at my phone for a few minutes.

I saw a trailer pop up for a new Tom Hanks movie. Looked like a western, which I'm not really into. So we started talking and then all of the sudden my girlfriend and I look at each other. Did they just saw Wichita Falls in that trailer? So we scramble to YouTube to go re-watch it and yup, they did.

You can hear it at the two minute mark of the video above. 'Word is she's that captive out of Wichita Falls.' Alright, Tom Hanks, now I want to know what this movie is about.


Tom Hanks' character travels through the Texas desert to perform a one-man show about true stories from afar. His goal, apart from gathering coins in his cup, is to bring people together and expand their perspective of the world. On his travels he finds a wrecked carriage and a small girl who is abandoned.

As a toddler, she was found and raised by the Kiowa tribe, who are regarded with contempt by most white settlers who are encroaching on the land. She knows the Kiowa only as family, and the language she speaks is theirs.

So the Kiowa tribe is not too far away from us in Wichita Falls so this would make sense why they would have that line. Guess we will have to wait and see if more of Wichita Falls is in the movie. It's set to come out on Christmas Day, so if the family is annoying you. Sneak out to the theater and go check this one out.

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