Tom Hanks visited the folks at Good Morning America earlier this week to promote his new sci fi movie "Cloud Atlas". After watching the promo clip for the film the chick doing the interview forced Tom, who was having to hold a microphone like a reporter doing a story on a Cat Parade, to speak in an accent I assume is from the movie. Either that or the interview woman... we will call her "Not Diane Sawyer" or NDS for short, has a weird fantasy where she discusses politics and watered down news stories with a northern European Tom Hanks look a like. Either way Tom at first tries to dodge the request by stating that mostly that accent... or as it turns out full blown alternate personality mainly just says cuss words.

NDS would not be denied however and pestered Mr. Hanks until his best actor in the worldness took over (yes I know that's not a word but it should be) and he almost instantly transformed into the role she begged him to perform. It was not long until, just as Hanks predicted, the character dropped the big one on national live TV.  It is similar to Bruce Banner losing control of the hulk... only without the purple pants.  The instant reaction by everyone on set and in the studio is priceless.Unlike legendary news anchor Ron Burgundy all those years ago in San Diego who didn't realize his blunder,  Tom almost fell out of his chair and immediately apologized to the children of America. He then, as only Tom Hanks can do, instantly wins the hearts of America back by turning it into a big joke.

Personally I do not see what the big deal was, it was just one word on a show that any kid skipping school would most definitely not have been watching. What kid who worked all morning to fake being sick is gong to celebrate by watching Tom Hanks on Good Morning America. The answer if you are keeping score is none.. they will all be doing this, this, or this. The fact is most kids are in School when this aired and those that aren't are either sick or playing video games after fooling their parents into thinking they are sick. I still have to admit though... if it weren't for everyone's shocked reactions here I don't think this video would be worth watching.... but you can judge for yourself.