Holy cow, I feel so sorry for this guy.

The Twitterverse and many Texas Bowl viewers believe that LSU player Jamal Adams brought the bowel game to the the bowl game last night.

Red Raiders fans point in the direction they think the smell is coming from. (Photo: Ashley Wirz, 1340 The Fan)

Jamal Adams went down in the game with a "cramp" as he was getting into position, fell down, then had a towel wrapped around himself as he made his way to the locker room.

Evidently, the Texas Tech faithful initially thought it was a fake injury to slow the pace of the game and booed the Tigers player.

The odd way the situation came about and the way and speed in which it was handled has led many to believe that he fudged his undies.

There is a great debate on this issue coming from the pro-poo and no-poo-happened camps. Either way, you have to feel sorry for the guy. Best Twitter interaction: "Is he going to be no. 2 next year?" "Whatdaya mean next year? He's no. 2 tonight!"

I'm sure the Red Raiders would be happy to have a poopy player instead of a loss, but I would tell them one thing I know for a fact. No one is ever going to remember who won the big Advocare V100 Bowl of 2015. But a guy pooping on TV stays on the highlight reels forever.

Photos from the Texas Bowl