I have been told when those babies hit 88 miles per hour, you see some serious sh-t. 

Nigel Mills is the proud owner of a DeLorean. We all know the car made famous by the 'Back to the Future' franchise. Mr. Mills has been the owner of the DeLorean since 2004 and only takes it out for a drive on a rare occasion. Of course the day he takes it out, he gets busted for speeding.

Technically, he was going 89 miles per hour, but we all know 88 is the speed needed for time travel. He told the court, 'I swear I was not trying to go back in time.' He also said, 'Wasn't something special supposed to happen at 88?' All joking aside, Mills has been fed up with the police in his area giving speeding tickets.

He was trying to fight it saying that he was not possibly going that fast. Unfortunately, he lost his case. Oh well man, pay the fine and move on. However, you could install that flux capacitor, go back in time and warn yourself to slow down. Although that could create a time paradox. The results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe!

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