Now here is the official taco for Taco Tuesday.

Just yesterday, I wrote a story about a restaurant that has been on my bucket list for years closing. That would be Lulu's Cafe over in San Antonio, home to a three pound cinnamon roll. Sadly, I will never be able to try that cinnamon roll. Then today, I discovered a four pound taco, which is not too far away from us over in Dallas.

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Vidorra has two locations in North Texas. One in Addison and one in downtown Dallas. On their menu they have the El Jefe. The 18-inch taco stuffed with chorizo, ground beef, shredded cheese, queso, pico de gallo, guacamole and jalapeños. It's all wrapped in a giant golden-fried tortilla. The menu says El Jefe is for a serving of two, but this could feed a small family. It holds 8 ounces of both ground beef and chorizo for a full 1 pound of meat.

The El Jefe comes in at a $28 price tag. "At Vidorra, we enjoy taking an adventurous approach to celebrating Mexican food, drinks, and culture," culinary cirector Rodman Shields says. "We’re already well-known for our over-the-top cocktails, so true to our innovative spirit, we had to match that vibe with a taco so big our guests won’t believe it until they see it. Food should be an experience, and the El Jefe delivers on that.”

I will replace Vidorra with Lulu's Cafe, but I am still going to be mad I never got to try that cinnamon roll.

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