I know this is going to upset some people, but I happen to agree with these findings.

Texas Monthly is definitely a popular magazine here in our state. A lot more people read that than my stupid blogs I put out here. A new article is starting quite the debate in our country. The article is about the best fast food tacos in the state. Jose Ralat broke it down by all tacos. Breakfast, soft, and hard.

For breakfast he said Taco Cabana, which I agree with. Will someone in Wichita Falls PLEASE open a Taco Cabana here? They have some of the best breakfast and for some reason we don't have it here. Next up, soft tacos. He said Taco Palenque? Never heard of it, but apparently it's a chain in South Texas. I'll have to keep an eye on that one. For me, I would pick Taco Casa for best soft taco.

Here comes the controversy. He named Jack in the Box tacos best hard tacos. Here is his exact quote from his article. "Of all the hard-shell tacos available at fast-food drive-through chains, Jack in the Box tacos are the most similar to the filled, sealed, and fried tacos dorados you’ll find in Mexico. They’re nowhere near as fresh, but they still have an uncanny resemblance to their Mexican analogs. The tacos are also hot, greasy, and filled with lettuce and a slice of cheese, giving them a familiar Americanized edge. Nevertheless, these are the benchmark. Even better are the tiny tacos, cheeseless bantam versions of the signature tacos served fifteen to a box. They make for easy front-seat snacking."

Listen because I know you're angry about this, but those Jack in the Box tacos are delicious. What tacos are there for you 24/7? Jack in the Box. Who let's you get two for a dollar? Jack in the Box. What tacos can you basically see through because they're so greasy and delicious? Jack in the Box. I order like ten when I go and regret nothing. Keep up the great work Jack in the Box and congrats on having the best fast food hard taco in Texas. At least according to Texas Monthly.

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