Something to look forward to next year.

As of right now, we have no idea when the NBA is coming back. However, the Dallas Mavericks announced this morning they will be bringing back the green uniforms next season. Old school Mavericks fans will remember these being the primary uniform for the team in the 80's. The Mavericks also brought the green back in 2004, before dropping it again in 2009.

Me personally, looking back at old photos and videos of the Mavericks. It's my favorite jersey of all time. I love the green and the old school Cowboy hat logo. I never understood why the Mavericks dropped wearing these all together. At least bust them out on Saint Patrick's Day.

The photos the Mavericks shared this morning show the 80's uniforms. So I have to imagine that is the one they're bringing back? I would love to rock the old school logo for a season. We will see what happens when the NBA eventually comes back. By the way, to the folks that hate these jerseys and this logo. Can we all just agree the 2003 jerseys were the worst by far.

Nash drives past Fisher
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Please, never bring these ones back.

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