Today is all about the three F's. Food, Family, and Football. I am all about Dallas Cowboys football so let's look back at some Dallas Cowboys history.

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Since 2007, I have been at every Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game (except 2020, damn you Covid). That is my family's Thanksgiving tradition. We eat, then go to the game. So today I will be seeing the legendary Dolly Parton, but I thought it would be fun to look back at all the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving performers ever since it started in 1997.

History of the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Performers

From 1997 to now, we go through every performer the Dallas Cowboys have had since 1997.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

Carlson Law Firm Thanksgiving Giveaway 2023

The Carlson Law Firm Wichita Falls office did free Thanksgiving meals for Wichita Falls families recently and here are some of the folks that won. In total 20 Thanksgiving baskets were given away. Everything you need to put on an epic Thanksgiving was included. Some folks could not attend the event, but they will pick up their baskets later. Below is everyone who was able to make it out so we could snap a photo.

Gallery Credit: Stryker


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