Facts are facts people and maybe Rowdy has to go.

Petition to Remove Rowdy from the Dallas Cowboys Has Started

I happened to stumble upon this yesterday and yes I have signed it. A petition to remove Rowdy as the Dallas Cowboys mascot. I think Rowdy is not only one of the worst mascots in sports, but apparently the Cowboys bad times started once he became a part of the team.

NFL Pro Bowl
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1996 Rowdy is Introduced

Fresh off of winning their fifth Super Bowl all time. Someone in Dallas Cowboys marketing thought it was a good idea for the team to get a mascot. Yeah, one of the premiere NFL franchises went literal decades just fine without one. Ever since, the Cowboys have been 'cursed'. Since Rowdy has been a part of the team. The Cowboys have been to the playoffs 12 times with zero Super Bowls wins. Hell, not even a NFC Championship APPEARANCE. From 1960 to 1995, the Cowboys had been to the playoffs 23 times without a mascot.

Rowdy Once was Voted Worst Mascot in the NFL

Is It Time for Rowdy to Go Off Into the Sunset?

The petition claims that the team needs to find a new mascot, but honestly I don't think we need one. For years, it was just 'rowdy' Dallas Cowboys fans that were the unofficial mascot for the team. You can just find some crazy guy or gal in the stands to get people going in between plays. We don't need some giant smiling head in the stands at games.

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