As a Cowboys fan, I will never feel bad for an Eagles fan. It's the first week of training camp and the rivalry is already starting strong.

We relived some old Dallas Cowboys training camp memories earlier this week back when the team practiced right here in Wichita Falls. Well I think it's safe to say, expectations are high for the Dallas Cowboys this year. Especially since winning the NFC East last year. In case any of the Eagles fans/players forgot, some Cowboys fans plan to fly a banner over their practice.

The sign simply read, "We Got the Division" which featured two stars on it as well. What's funny about this as well, some Dallas Cowboys actually helped pay for the banner as well. Newly acquired defensive end Greg Hardy gave $300 dollars to the cause. The group was blown away by his donation. They plan on changing the banner to read, "We Still Dem Boyz! #sackscomin", with of course the two stars as well.

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