What do I have to do to make this happen again?

I know only a few of my friends know this story, so now I will share it with everybody on here.

I have wanted to live in Texas since I was seven years old. My grandparents lived in Denton and I visited them. During that trip, I fell in love with the state. I told myself I was going to do whatever I could to get down here. During high school, I visited Texas twice to look at colleges to attend.

I looked at the big ones, University of Texas at Austin and Texas A and M. Also looked at some smaller colleges like Tarelton and Stephen F. Austin. Checked out University of North Texas, but that was pretty much down the street from my grandparents and I wanted a little distance. My mom saw this one school online called Midwestern State, decided to add it to the list and we made a trip up here to check it out.

Took a tour, thought it was a pretty cool campus. Then it happened, the reason as to why I attended Midwestern and moved to Wichita Falls. I look at this wall in the student center, I see photos of Emmit Smith and Troy Aikman. I ask the guy giving me the tour what that was all about. He tells me the Cowboys used to practice here and that the Cowboys actually lived on campus.

That's it, sign me up, I am going here. I am that level of die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. I got the logo tattooed on my arm and everything. Yeah, I know I am nuts. In case you were not aware of this, the Cowboys practiced here from 1998-2002. I would do anything, for this team to come back here and do training camp.

I have actually attended a training camp before, but that was in San Antonio. I had a lot of fun and would love to see what I could do to bring the Cowboys back here. I am willing to do whatever I could. I know the Cowboys do a lot of work with the Salvation Army. Maybe if they brought back the training camp, I could setup a dunking booth. People could pay money to dunk me and all the proceeds would go to the Salvation Army.

Just one idea, but I really would love to see this happen again. The Dallas Cowboys just opened training camp in Oxnard, California today. I can assure you, if the Cowboys were here in Wichita Falls, I would be at every practice. In the words of Allen Iverson, "Are we really talking about practice?" Yes and I would love to watch it.

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