The balls on this guy.

Let me start this by saying that everything you hear about Philadelphia fans is true. They are insane. I have been to Lincoln Financial Field for a Cowboys game while wearing Cowboys stuff. It was insane and everyone is a jerk there. One Cowboys fan had the balls enough to show up to training camp.

How do I know he was a Cowboys fan? Nice big Dallas Cowboys hat and a Dez Bryant jersey. The Philadelphia Eagles actually kicked this guy out. How come? This was actually a 'closed' practice. Only a small group of fans were invited to come out. One of them being a Cowboys fan.

The Philadelphia Eagles released a statement on the situation. It's not technically an official team policy, it's more of a common courtesy thing for people who were invited to training camp at the NovaCare Complex not to wear opposing team's gear as it could be viewed as disrespectful.

They also said that any opposing team's gear would have been kicked out. Not just Cowboys fans. We have our official first preseason game tonight and one of the best rivalries in the NFL is already going strong.

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