If you’ve ever bought tickets to a Cowboys game on the secondary market, you know just how expensive they can get.

While I’m perfectly content kicking back on the couch and watching my teams in the comfort of my home, there’s nothing like the experience of going to a game. But, going to a game can be very expensive - even if you’re paying face value for tickets.

I usually go straight to the team’s website to buy tickets. In the case of the Rangers, Mavericks and Stars, I can typically pick up seats at face value. But that’s not the case with the Cowboys.

The Cowboys have sold out every regular and post-season game since 2002. So, if you want to go to a game, be prepared to shell out some big bucks on the secondary market.

For instance, I’m looking at tickets to the upcoming game against the Falcons on StubHub and “Standing Room Only” tickets start at $58. And if you want to sit in a seat, the cheapest nosebleed seat will set you back $171.

But as this story’s headline suggests, we Cowboy fans don’t have it the worst when it comes to buying tickets on the secondary market.

A new report published by Bookies.com outlined which teams’ fans have to pay the most for tickets on the secondary market.

Las Vegas Raiders fans have it the worst by far, paying 339% more on the secondary market. The average ticket price for a Raiders game is $153.47, while the average ticket price on the secondary market is a whopping $673.

Philadelphia Eagles v Las Vegas Raiders
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10 Highest Secondary Market Ticket Prices (By Percentage of Increase)

Team                                     Average Price    Average Secondary Market Ticket Price

Las Vegas Raiders             $153.47                $673

Pittsburgh Steelers             $114.24               $402

Tampa Bay Buccaneers     $89.48                 $290

Seattle Seahawks             $117.86                $367

Los Angeles Rams            $101.62                $316

Denver Broncos                $104.99                $300

Dallas Cowboys                $99.50                  $278

Los Angeles Chargers     $78.38                   $206

New England Patriots     $131.45                 $341

Minnesota Vikings           $108.79                $262

Watching the game on the couch never sounded better.

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