Corey Taylor, front man for Slipknot and Stone Sour, kicked off his solo tour Monday, November 14th in Anaheim, California. It will last for about a month, ending in Orlando on December 13th.

Titled “An Evening With Corey Taylor,” it features acoustic songs from both bands, along with a few covers and a spoken word session in which he reads from his book, Seven Deadly Sins. Additionally, Taylor will feature a Q&A section where he interacts directly with the audience.

Known for heavier music, some fans may not like this more subdued version of Taylor, but those who recognize an amazing talent will likely enjoy a presentation of this type. I doubt great artists want to be pigeon-holed into one type of music, and Taylor would be no exception.

When Stone Sour was here in April for their Avalanche Tour, I was fortunate to hang out with him after the concert at a barbeque, where he played DJ for those of us there. While rifling through his iPod, I asked if the music he was playing was his own or someone else’s mix, to which he replied it was his own. One might imagine it would be all rock, but he played a mix of everything from Adam Ant to Pantera.

So what’s the best part of this tour? He’ll be at Trees in Dallas this Friday! If you’d like to go enjoy the Corey Taylor experience, he’ll be just two hours away.

While you’re there, make a stop a couple of doors down to the Boiler Room, owned by Stevie Benton of Drowning Pool. I don’t think they’re playing anywhere this Friday night, so there’s a chance you may even meet the band.

Between now and then, I’ll leave you with my favorite Slipknot video: