Ride For Dime is now in its 6th year, and I cant believe that I did not hear/make it down to DFW for this kick ass event sooner! The whole experience was something I never expected to turn out as, well as totally a neck wrecking, bug swallowing, hot as hell, full of metal loving rockers, good ass time! I could have took a picture every second of that day and even then they still would not do this "rally' proper justice. Ive included a slew of my favs from the ride and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!

On the dawn of Aug. 20th, I awake in a oh so familiar place, my buds house, with not a clue of how I got there. I am still half dressed but slightly covered with a unnecessary quilt that feels like a kevlar vest. Its a 110 outside and that's what you covered me with? Oh well, at least I took my shoes off. I stumble to my feet and the onset of a headache that would kill a small animal, quickly makes me cringe and almost puke. A few aspirin later, and I am filled in on the previous nights debauchery over a cup of Java, and try to jog the memory.

The Triple S's, some Cracker Barrel, and I'm almost ready to go. Side note, if you plan to ride around on your motorcycle in 110+ heat, its not the best choice to shutdown the bar the night before and on top of that pile on an absurd amount of pancakes at breakfast!  So I leave Grapevine and head south toward, Grand Prairie. The Ride starts at 3pm sharp from Longhorn Harley. I get there with just enough time to cool down, slam some water, take a few pics and make some new friends before its almost time to ride on. I group with fellow street bikers and we all stand around shootin' the shit until a roar of thunder comes echoing back from the start of the line. Time to go!

We all get suited and booted and head out on to I-20. Feeling like a bad-ass, because we have a police escort letting us rule the road. 250+ motorcycles backtrack into Arlington, down some residential roads and neighborhoods, all the while cars and trucks hitting the ditch to make way for this mass of rolling steel coming down the road. The whole time I cant help but think, " I wonder what the old people are thinking right now!"  We make our way past the quiet Bowen Rd. address where "Dime" called home for many years. Vinnie, Rita, and the whole crew were out in the front yard to witness all the bikers paying homage. From there we double back around and hit I-20 east all the way to south Dallas. I still regret not getting at least a FEW pics while riding but that might have not worked out too well!

Mind you the police escort, the ones that kept us uniformed for the ride, they peaced out right before entering Dallas leaving 250+ bikers to arrive in Deep Ellum in one piece. It was alright till we merged, with 45 headed into downtown Dallas. Then it was pure madness. All these hogs going from a 5 lane freeway to a 3 lane track with mad car traffic flowing into the mix. Cops were gone, biker gangs were stopping traffic so we could all get on with our ride together. Im sure it ended up as a nightmare for car drivers, having us heathens winding in and out of traffic. It had to be one of the better rides Ive EVER been in.

I cant account for everybody, but the jist of the crowd made it to Deep Ellum in one piece. We all scattered after invading the streets, in search of a cold beer, soda, or hell a water hose would have done just great at that point. I step into a coffee shop across the way, re-hydrate myself and flirt with the waitress while I cool down and wait for the line into Trees to cut short. As I choked down a cig, I manage to snap a few more pics before the madness ensued.

At this time my camera and I part ways, I lace my boots up tight, take enough cash to get me loaded one more night, and I head into Trees for my first ever Ride For Dime concert. I could go on and on with the trashy, sexy, disgusting, gory details of the nights events  for days, but with no evidence, guess you will  have to make the ride yourself next year!