First rule of fight club, don't talk about fight club. Another rule should be, don't bite another guy in the junk.

As we know my home state of Maryland went a little crazy a couple of weeks ago when some cops allegedly killed a man during an arrest. However, what this Maryland cop did is just crazy. First off, he was off duty at the time. I don't know where he learned to fight, but he resorted to the dirtiest tactics I have ever heard of in a fight.

This took place at Looney's Pub in Canton. A place I have actually drank at before in my life. This area has a lot of bars and restaurants all within walking distance of each other. So the weekends are very popular for this area. Especially a night like Cinco De Mayo when people like to enjoy a few drinks.

Well some people I guess had a few too much to drink on Cinco De Mayo the other night because a fight broke out in a alleyway of the bar. Anne Arundel County cop, Michael Faig, had been fondling a woman when her friend and roommate, the alleged assault victim, intervened.

The alleged assault victim left on foot not long after but heard footsteps behind him. When he turned, he saw a fist coming at his face, according to court papers The victim managed to dodge the punch, bring Flaig to the ground, and then straddle him, the court papers read.

Flaig struggled to escape while a second man, who police have yet to identify or arrest, punched the victim. Unable to break free, Flaig allegedly bit the victim in the crotch and ran off.

Biting another man in the junk and running away is officially the most cowardly thing I have ever heard in my life. If you were like me reading this story you felt a little pain in the pit of your stomach for the guy that got bit. I hope Michael Flaig is charged to the fullest extent of the law. Once again, never bite another man in the nuts.

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