It's officially happening people. Remain calm.

It's pretty awesome to see some upgrades coming to both of our theatres here in Wichita Falls. We have seen some of the upgrades coming to AMC in the mall, and back in March, we found out that Cinemark applied for an alcohol permit. We were told it takes about 45-90 days for that permit to get approved. That would mean the latest would be June 11.

Sadly, I didn't see anything happening in that span of time. I was hoping this wouldn't fall through. Then, this past weekend I went and saw 'Antman and The Wasp'. Some sort of construction was happening to the concession stand. I asked and it was the long-awaited bar. Yes!

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Sadly, I don't have any new information for you, other than the bar is being built. I have called to the Cinemark corporate office and have not heard back on what exactly Wichita Falls will be getting. I was told last time bottled and draft beer will definitely be coming here.

According to Cinemark's website, other locations offer wine, frozen cocktails, and specialty cocktails. I would love to get the frozen cocktails for a hot summer day. Whatever we're getting, I can't wait to try it out. No word yet on when the construction will be done, but I was told a few weeks is when they expect it to be finished.

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