Looks like the Cinemark in Wichita Falls will be joining the rest of the modern age by adding the option to enjoy an adult beverage with your movie-going experience.

If you have been to the Cinemark in Parker Square in the last couple of days, you may have noticed a big sign before you entered the theater. It was letting you know this location has filed for a liquor license. To be exact, a mixed liquor license. The TABC defines this permit as "authorizing the holder to sell mixed beverages from unsealed containers and wine, beer, ale, and malt liquor in containers of any legal size for on-premise consumption."

Cinemark Wichita Falls liquor License
Cinemark Wichita Falls TABC License notice (Townsquare Media)

Cinemark 14 in Wichita Falls filed for their TABC license on March 13, and if everything goes smoothly, it takes about 45-90 days for the establishment to get approved. Other Cinemark locations serve wine, beer, frozen cocktails, and specialty cocktails. I spoke to our Cinemark theater and they do not know exactly what they will be getting yet if they do get their permit.

I was told bottled and draft beer would be coming for sure if the permit comes. I asked about the other options and they would not confirm those for now. Hopefully, if the beer does well, they could expand their new bar. Maybe that full bar is coming and Wichita Falls has just not been notified yet. We will keep an eye on this and update you as more details come up.

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