Who would have guessed that Chewbacca has been hiding out in the Ukraine?

Now there's a very good reason that Chewbacca was being arrested and it wasn't because he's from a galaxy far, far away.

Apparently, Chewie had been hitting the campaign trail for Darth Vader, who was running for mayor of some little city in the Ukraine.

And unfortunately our Wookie friend was doing so outside the polling station, which is illegal.

It turns out that a lot of Star Wars characters run for office in the Ukraine, thanks to a political party named the Internet Party. They even had some guy named Darth Vader tun for president last year.

Now we won't even get into the whole 'why is Chewbacca helping Darth Vader' argument right now, but that's why we have a comment section down below. Nerds away!