Guys, you know you like your woman to look great “down there.” Ladies, you know you feel better when you look good down there as well. Whether you’re doing your thing at the salon or cleaning up your garden at home, it’s important to keep up with routine maintenance.

One trend that has been growing for some time is that of vajazzling. Simply put, this is the act of putting rhinestones or cosmetics on your body to give a sparkling effect. If you’re really looking to make a deep impact, you can vajazzle your vajayjay. Imagine his surprise when the panties come off and he’s faced with not only a clean working surface, but it sparkles!

Barbie is one who isn’t letting this trend slip by. After having a myriad of different roles in the past, she’s now taking control in the personal hygiene department and giving her vertical bacon sandwich the attention it’s been lacking. Truthfully, Barbie is lacking in any type of anatomy down there, but with the Vajazzle Barbie, it’s all changing! Armed with a vajazzling kit, you can make Barbie’s whisker biscuit into the love nest it’s always wanted to be!

Hurry, quantities are limited!