People have already resigned due to this and these students will have to retake everything.

It looks like just northeast of Houston, the Livingston High School Academy is taking some pro tips from the Astros. The students there were cheating and just like the Astros, they got caught. It looks like during an audit of the school, some students not living in the Livingston area were allowed to attend the school.

You hear about that all the time, but what else they found during the audit is quite surprising. Turns out students were completing entire semester courses in mere minutes and entire high school curriculum in weeks. This is either the most gifted class in the world or they were cheating. Turns out one of the teachers was allowing students to use binders filled with test questions for them to use while doing homework or tests.

The teacher was terminated a few weeks ago during a board meeting and the principal has resigned as well. This happened during the fall semester and the students in those classes will have to retake all the courses if they want credit.


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