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High school kids can be jerks, but this kid decided to make the best out of a crappy situation. 

Unfortunately, bullies are a thing that everyone in high school has to deal with. Dannie McMillan was the victim of some cyber bullying where a student photoshopped her face onto a picture of a whale. The picture was going around Twitter and a lot of the people in her school were sending it out.

"The moment I got out of that classroom, I just started crying," Dannie said. "I was just really upset. I think I got angry after a little bit. But, at first, I was just so embarrassed."

Dannie then came up with a genius idea when she started messaging model Laura Lee (who looks damn fine by the way).

"I jokingly told her: part of me wants to cry all day. And, the other part of me wants to get a t-shirt with a whale on it and wear it to school to show that they can't get to me," Dannie explained. "And, she was like 'oh, we should.'"

So Dannie made the shirts and so far has raised over two thousand dollars for the Save the Whales campaign. If you would want to help out, check out her Go Fund Me page.