The lawsuit said he was verbally and physically abused. Also he had his life threatened while at school.

Over in Austin, Texas, a family is suing the Austin ISD. The lawsuit does not give the name of the student or the family, he is simply referred to as John Doe. The lawsuit says the student attended O’Henry Middle School and Austin High School. The abuse was apparently from students, as well as teachers at the school. John Doe says that another student told him, "Oh my f***ing god, I am going to kill all Trump supporters, I don’t give a s*** who hears it. I want to kill them all.”

The student attempted to report the threat to school administrators, but nothing was done. "Ironically, the lock down from the COVID-19 pandemic has done more to protect Jon from harm than anyone at Defendant Austin-ISD ever did," the lawsuit said. "Jon’s peers, with the acceptance of the educators and administrators of Defendant Austin-ISD, routinely publicly called Jon out as being Homophobic (which Jon is not), Xenophobic (which Jon is not), Racist (which Jon is not), Islamophobic (which Jon is not), a Klansman (which Jon is not), Deplorable (which Jon is not), and a Nazi (which Jon is not)."

The family claims they tried to contact the Austin ISD several times to stop the bullying, but nothing was done. The family is asking for monetary damages due to Jon suffering "physical pain and mental anguish, and the loss of opportunity in future educational and professional endeavors." We will see how this lawsuit goes and what the Austin ISD's response is to this lawsuit.

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