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Some lucky students got to hear from some reality stars yesterday and Wichita Falls residents definitely will recognize one of them. 

The Bullies Reality Foundation held three Anti-Bullying rallies at a couple of WFISD schools yesterday. Students from McNeil, Barwise and Kirby middle schools all took part in the rallies. Reality TV stars Natalie Negrotti, Julia and Liz Nolan from 'Big Brother' stopped by. Morgan Willet from 'Big Brother Over the Top' and singer Vivian Hicks also spoke as well.

Wichita Falls residents will most likely notice James Huling who spent several seasons on 'Big Brother' and is also a resident of our city. James says he was bullied in middle school and had to run home from school. "I got beat up all the time. It was something that was second nature to me," he said. As people who've been there, James and his friends are on a mission to stop bullying. "We can end bullying, we can do it today....let's make a change," James said.

The Bullies foundation aims to prevent teen suicide. CEO Tim Lavasseur says, "We've lost so many teens to suicide because of bullying."

For more information on their cause, check out bulliesreality.org. 

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