Don't mess with Texas and damn sure don't mess with our Buc-ee's.

Buc-ee's has become an institution on Texas road trips. People make it a must-stop on their journey for everything. Whether it is their signature snacks, always clean restrooms or their massive store. People love it. That means people would also want to capitalize on Buc-ee's success.

Allow me to introduce you to Choke Canyon BBQ. Seems like a standard BBQ restaurant from their facebook page. It is actually sort of a rest stop similar to Buc-ee's as well. So similar, in fact, that Buc-ee's thought they had a trademark lawsuit on their hands.

The two both use animals as their mascots. Buc-ee's a beaver and Choke Canyon BBQ uses an alligator. Buc-cee's determined ten similarities between their establishment and Choke Canyon. Things like signature menu items at both locations. The stores are setup exactly the same.

T-shirts and koozies in similar shades and ice coolers, to hold the large ice bags, that were similarly situated. Choke Canyon also offers golden caramel corn puffs that lawyers said were a knock-off of Buc-ee's signature "beaver nuggets." It took the jury six hours to determine Buc-ee's was in the right.

The similar logo is what some people are taking away from this case, but I don't see it. Both were aquatic creatures with red tongues and bulging eyes. Both were upright and facing right, although Choke Canyon presented evidence to the contrary. Both wore hats and had teeth showing. Both were drawn in black and had white fronts. Both were rendered with yellow circles as their backdrop.

The case for damages is pending, so no word yet on what Buc-ee's could receive in payments.

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